From our community to yours, serving you daily!

From our community to yours, serving you daily!

With American Eagle Packaging our customers are assigned a dedicated account team to help them manage their packaging needs. Our account teams have vast experience in working with clients that order a large variety of custom items. As a result, they are constantly placing orders, managing lead times and monitoring inventory levels.

We proactively communicate with our customers and utilize their historical data, MRPs or forecasts. We let them know when their packaging inventory approaches reorder levels and then replenish their inventory with our Just in Time (JIT) Delivery Program while they still have product on the floor.

We are highly responsive when it comes to customer inquiries and assisting them in solving problems. As a result, our customers quickly view us as a valuable extension of their operation.


At American Eagle Packaging we’re willing to invest our time and money into quality. Unlike most distributors who rely entirely on their vendor’s Quality Management Systems (QMS), we do not feel that is enough. So we have an in-house Quality Inspector that samples and inspects every inbound delivery.

This won’t guarantee 100% defect free product but it has resulted in identifying quality issues that never reached our customer’s floor or production lines. We’ve added this additional layer of inspection because we take quality seriously.