An Award Winning Vendor-Managed Inventory Program

Our Team is an Extension of Your Operation

We Design and Implement Custom Packaging Programs.

American Eagle Packaging services small to mid-sized businesses in the Chicagoland, Southern Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana areas.

Our Goal is to Reduce Packaging Costs.

From your first conversation with an Account Executive, we work to reduce packaging material costs and discover operational inefficiencies that can be improved by partnering with AEP.

“Before using American Eagle we had a supplier that sold us boxes, now we have a business parter that manages our packaging on a daily basis. They are a key part of our operation.” – Director of Sales, CPG

Efficiently Manage Inventory Across All of Your Products

Whether your company sells 2 products or 200, managing the packaging inventory for SKUs with consistent demand can create headaches:

  • Running out of physical warehouse space
  • Inventory outages causing production delays
  • Not enough resources to manage product quality or forecast demand

Our VMI program provides a cost effective way to manage your packaging inventory. By warehousing 2-3 months of inventory at a time, you will never run out of packaging items for customer orders. We’ll manage inventory levels and notify you when they’re running low or automatically replenish based off historic usage. No more lead times, no more worrying about packaging.

Efficiently Manage Inventory Across All of Your Products
Leverage our Buying Power

Leverage our Buying Power

American Eagle purchases over 400 million square feet of corrugated products annually and over 10 million packaging items every month.

With over 30 years of purchasing experience, we’ve developed the manufacturing relationships and mastered the purchasing strategies necessary to provide our customers with the best possible price for their packaging.

Part of that strategy is volume purchasing. We buy and stock up to three months of inventory for our customers, allowing us to buy at a better price point and receive the most competitive discounts from vendors. This means you will be receiving great pricing in addition to our industry-leading customer service.

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Stop Wasting Valuable Warehouse Space

Take inventory off your floor, put it on ours, and bring in only what you need. Over the past 33 years we have seen this strategy alone save businesses thousands of dollars by allowing them to maximize warehouse utilization, add additional production lines, bring in new state-of-the-art machinery, and stage more finished orders. We don’t charge additional fees for storage, we exist to save you money.

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Stop Wasting Valuable Warehouse Space