Brown Boxes

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The brown corrugated box is the most popular, cost effective way of shipping product. This six-sided carton, referred to as a regular slotted container (RSC), can be mass produced at tremendous volumes. We provide a multitude of ways to customize this product. All of American Eagle’s brown boxes have recycled content – contact us to learn more about going sustainable in your operation.

Customize This Product

  • Dimensions
  • Material and Stacking strength
  • Protective Coatings (Freezer/Refrigerator)
  • Fluting

Printing Capabilities

Each printing job requires close attention to detail & customer needs. Whether you are looking for multi-color direct print, digital print, or litho-label, our Account Team will assist you throughout the process to ensure your packaging looks the way it needs to. No project is too complex, we’re here to help.

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