Custom Die Cuts

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Similar to the corrugated box, paperboard boxes can be custom cut to virtually any design. While you won’t be relying on thin paperboard for protection during shipment, you will be relying on them to draw your customers’ eye during their retail shopping adventures. One of the most competitive markets for paperboard is beer & liquor. Having a unique style and print on your packaging will help you stand out from the rest.

Customize This Product

  • Material strength & thickness
  • Style (self-locking, finger holes, window cutouts, etc.)
  • Protective coatings
  • Size/Dimensions

Printing Capabilities

Compared to corrugate, printing on paperboard is cheaper and more efficient. Almost every product packaged in a grocery store is paperboard (think cereal boxes, bacon board, mac-n-cheese, etc.), so anything you may want to print on your carton can be done. Feel free to contact one of our account reps for a free consultation!



Carriers, Cut-outs / Windows, Plastic Films Displays….. etc.