Folding Cartons

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Folding cartons are most commonly used for consumer products looking to stand out on the shelf. Whether you are packaging lotions and shampoos, or cereal boxes and mac-n-cheese, paperboard folding cartons are the most effective way of producing a professional look at low cost.

Customize this Product

  • Straight Tuck / Reverse Tuck
  • Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom / Tuck Top Auto-Bottom
  • Glued Flaps
  • Paperboard Material
  • Paperboard Thickness

Printing Capabilities

Customers can print up to 6+ colors on paperboard with a variety of high-end options like debossed & embossed print. Make your retail carton stand out with different coatings that make your product shine or choose a smoother paperboard to make your product soft to the touch. Talk to us about your custom packaging vision and we’ll be there every step of the way!

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We provide a wide array of custom and standard folding carton sizes and style to meet your specific needs. From simple custom printed boxes to intricate custom die-cut designs. Our folding cartons cover all styles and specifications.